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Due to the current coronavirus restrictions all events and the AGM has been cancelled for the present. We will keep you informed when the situation changes. The Committee regrets this. Thank you for your support and  understanding. 


Can anyone please help the Society to fill the following posts:

if you feel that you have the right credentials to fill these posts, please contact Mr Ian Walker.

1) Secretary.

2)Booking Secretary. 


Meetings and Events

Belton poppy Soldier

Belton to fly the flag for Norfolk

Belton Welcome Home Fund

Hand bell ringers

More memories from David Tennant

Big tip followed lunch at hotel ?

Belton primary academy’s new library

Belton railway tavern takes on a new look 1979

Best kept village 1991

Historic houses of Belton

Digging for victory by David Tennant

Belton book by Dorothy Smith

Renovation of St. Johns farmhouse

Belton War Dead from first World War

Pub of the Week

Good Friday’s trip to Old Mother Brown

Paper Boy Ted Kemp

Belton Dance Club

Scheme that founded in the Cut

Starting Life on the right line

A History of Belton Church

Village row over disused School

So you think we lived in hard times

Portrait of a Village

Who Cares?, Belton Church 2014

Presentation of cheques at East Anglian Transport Museum talk

Memories of Waveney School

Belton Common at War

Memories of Belton School, 1940 – 1946

Bell Lane – Welcome Home Playing Field

Belton School Strike 1959

Belton Scouts and School Photographs 1920’s to 1970’s

Belton Church, Churchyard and Rectory

The Golden Post Box at the John Green Institute

The Thatched Cottage No.1 Station Road

Burgh Castle 10 yards swimming certificate 1967

Snap sure went a long way

Veteran’s delight over receiving a rare medal

Found on ebay

A sweep as lucky as could be

Belton History Day 2013

The wedding Charles William Kirk to Miss Sarah E Sharman

Memories of a bygone age – an account by Daisy Newham

Belton Publicans from 1851 to 1974

Learn to talk like I do

The last flight of “Belle of the East”

Railway Cottages on St Johns Road

A rare sight in Belton in the 1960’s

Waveney School Presentation 2011

Sole Survivor

Belle of the East

Memories of Belton School

A Child’s life in Belton

Murder before Breakfast

Mistaken Identity

East Suffolk line from Great Yarmouth via Belton and Burgh Castle to Liverpool Street, London

Belton “Undertakers” Memories