Historic houses of the area

Return to Menu page The following pictures show various houses from Belton and Burgh Castle built in the previous century’s This picture is of “Coronation Terrace” in Burgh Castle built by local builder T.V. Palmer of Gorleston – on – Sea in the 1950’s Renovation of No1 Station Road North Belton showing original brickwork prior […]

Snap sure went a long way

Return to Menu page The men in this photograph may have been playing for a local team, but the photograph has been across the Atlantic Ocean and back again. It was sent by Tina McDonough (née Middleton) from Reading, Pennsylvania in the United States. While she was visiting her long lost relatives in Bradwell. The […]

Belton history day 2013

Return to Menu page Belton history day was on Sunday 23rd June at the John Green Institute. There were plenty of old photographs & wartime memoribilia to see, with the added attraction of the model fire engines.A book signing by Malcolm Metcalf of his book Malcom’s Luck was also a great attraction with plenty of […]