Belle of the East

Return to Menu page A message from Winston Harrington                                       5th November 2007   Dear Mr Lindsay. I am writing to salute your efforts to commemorate the crash of the B-24 bomber “Belle of the East”, which crashed in August 1944 near its base in East Anglia while returning from a bombing mission over Germany. Thank […]

A Childs life in Belton

Return to Menu page A CHILDS LIFE IN BELTON   Well where do I start, having moved to Belton in 1971 – the village at that time wasn’t that big it still had the remnants of the railway line and station, only 3 shops Carvers, Berry’s and Greenacres Butchers, two pubs The Kings Head and […]

Memories of Belton School 1967

Return to Menu page Teachers: Mrs Cooke:                   A lovely teacher who rewarded good behaviour and enjoyed teaching. Miss Meadows :           Who married and became Mrs Hill – This was a stepping stone to a future career Miss Storey:                 Also married and used Belton VCP as a stepping stone to a future career Mrs […]

Murder before Breakfast

Return to Menu page Murder before Breakfast As told by Anthony Cotterell  Jack Saunders went home yesterday. He does not want to work on a lightship any more. He wants a job where he gets a gun. Moreover, this is why:- It was early on a stormy miserable north sea Morning in 1941. The East […]

Mistaken Identity

Return to Menu page The year is 1950 A.D.  A law has been passed by the Government requiring that every couple that have been married for five years to have a child. If unable to achieve this, they may receive a visit from a Government man whose duty it is to take the necessary steps […]

Belton’s “Undertaker” Memories

Return to Menu page Our mention of Belton’s undertakers business in the  Village  Voice, stirred the memories of Gladys brooks of Dashwood Close, Belton. Belton’s undertaker was Mr Tom brooks,grandfather of Gladys’ late husband. It was a traditional undertakers situated behind the former Berry’s Store on Station Road North. Mr Tom Brooks would collect the deceased […]