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Belton and district historical societyBelle of the East Dedication day
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Valuation day at the J.G. Institute 5Th August, 2007


Belton & District Historical Society's first valuation day at the J.G .Institute. With Peter Howkins.
Photographs taken by Kim Saul & Kenny Lindsay

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Belton & District Christmas Party 2006


Belton & District Historical Society's Christmas party 19th December,2006 at The Priory Restaurant St.Olaves
Pictures taken by Ian Walker.

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Bygone day @ Burgh Castle 2006


Archive pictures of the "Bygones day" at Burgh Castle village hall and Ivy Farm August 2006
Pictures taken by Kim Saul.
Our thanks go to Trevor Austin for the use of the facilities at Ivy Farm, & Burgh Castle for the use of The village Hall.

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"Belle of the East" Dedication


Archive pictures of the "Belle of the East" dedication day on the 26th August 2006
Pictures taken by Kim Saul.
Photographs of the tavern courtesy of Ian Walker.
Pictures of the pilot courtesy of Richard Lindsay.

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Great Yarmouth


Archive pictures of Great Yarmouth.
Pictures donated by various sources
See individual pictures for owners.

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School days


Pictures of Belton & Burgh Castle schools in days past.
Pictures taken from various sources
our grateful thanks to everybody.

If you have any old photographs from your School Days please do not hesitate to e-mail them to us at the following where we will be happy to add them to our Gallery.

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Belton Church


Belton Church after the ligthning struck the tower.
Courtesy of the Reverend J. Quinn & Kim Saul.

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The railway line from Gt. Yarmouth South Town to St. Olaves


Archive pictures of the railway line between Gt. Yarmouth Southtown station and St.Olaves.
All pictures courtesy of Mr J. Deen
I found your gallery of photos of the Yarmouth - Beccles railway very interesting, having travelled the line many times as a schoolboy. Apart from the photos of engines/trains on the line, the pictures of the station, signal box and other lineside features are particularly of interest.

Observations on the captions of two pictures:-

No.19 - this picture has appeared in a book covering the line from Saxmundham to Yarmouth. The picture was taken inside Belton signal box and not the waiting room and apparently features Billy Squires (confirmed by my mother-in-law)

No.31 - the bridge is definitely not on Stepshort. See the guard rails on the other photo of the Stepshort bridge, which has six vertical posts, as has the St. John's Road bridge. No.31 only has four. I think the bridge was that at the junction of Lord's Lane/Clay Lane, Bradwell,which is logical. All other bridges/ crossings apart from Burgh Road road bridge at Bradwell and Bradwell House crossing are shown.

Further to my earlier submission, I have a few more observations on the Belton - Yarmouth railway photo gallery:- 1. photo 5/41 - Raynham Hall was 61611 (2811 in LNER days as the caption states) 2. photo 10/41 - the caption is incorrect. Where is St.John's Road bridge in the photo and indeed the King's Head? The photo is taken from Belton signal box, looking towards St. Olaves with Belton Common on the left side of the line. The signal post is the down home signal at Belton station, with the repeater arm visible in the photo. The purpose of the repeater arm was to provide confirmation to the signalman that the road was set, without his having to go outside the box to check the signal was working correctly. See photo 28/41. which reveals the repeater arm. 3. Trains went 'up' to Liverpool Street and 'down' to Yarmouth, so 27/41 is a down train and 32/41 an up train 4. Finally, in railway terms, the Yarmouth terminus was always referred to as South Town and not Southtown. I have photo of the station running in board, which can be added to the gallery if you wish but I will need an e-mail address to send it to you electronically. Regards. Geoffrey Smith P.S. I assume the jury is still out on Stepshort/Lord's Lane bridge.

Was just having a search around your site when I saw two images of the Mill Lane/Harpers Lane railway footbridge. Now that was something!!

I'm 36 now and only just have a faint memory of going somewhere near Harfreys with my friend and his dad, when I was about 7 or so, and walking up some steps of a bridge. The centre centre had been removed leaving just the two ends. I can remember that it could only have been a footbridge but all traces of what it went over had gone by then. I can just remember there being sandy motorbike tracks around it as the area was being used by trials bikes or suchlike. Now, with modern wonders of Google Maps, I've been trying to see exactly where that bridge would have been. Harpers Lane seems to have vanished but the best I can see is what is now Hall's Precasters Car Park & Gapton Hall Road.

It could well have been on part of the old Gorleston-Lowestoft line near Southtown/Harfreys Road though. With it being about 30 years ago, it's hard to know!!

just been looking at your railway photos, which i think are great, i have a big interest in finding old railway sites and i am stumped as to where the footbridge accross harpers lane would have been, i know it must be under the industrial estate but cant work out where, any help would be great, many thanks

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Unvailing of the memorial plaque at the John Green Institute by local MP Tony Wright


the unvailing of the memorial plaque on the John Green Institute.
Pictures taken by Kenny Lindsay

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Football teams of Belton, Burgh Castle, Gt. Yarmouth and Gorleston


Burgh Castle & surrounding area football teams.
Pictures donated at the Bygones day in Burgh Castle.
our thanks to all who allowed us to use these photographs.

Finding this site fascinating!
Re Football teams. The "Burgh Castle" team, File 3/7 is actually Belton c 1956-58.
Back Row. Harry Chilvers (Cmtte member note cycle clips!) Bob Smith (I think) Tommy Lynch (Cmtte member and local PC) John Botwright, Kenny Payne, Tony Beare, ???? Brooks (had a brother Ivan),Ivan Willis, Eddie Stimpson (Cmtte member and Station Master)
Front Row:
Ronnie Beare, Eddie Searby, Les George,?????, David Searby

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Memoirs of a bygone age by Daisy Newham


"Memories of a Bygone age" full story on the website.
Courtesy of Mrs D.Newham

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Talk on the Gorleston Millenium Manuscript & Music


The Gorleston Millenium Manuscript & Music Commisioned to celebrate the New Millenium.
Pictures taken at the Belton Kings Head Sunday 25th March, 2007
Photographs taken by Kim Saul.

7 files, last one added on Mar 28, 2007

"Belton & District Historical Society's" Mugs limited edition


Pictures of the limited edition Belton & District Historical Society's mugs.
Pictures taken by Kenny Lindsay & Kim Saul

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Day trip to Collectors world in Downham Market 29/04/07


A very enjoyable day spent at Collectors World near Downham Market.
Pictures taken by Kim Saul & Kenny Lindsay

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EDP pride of Norfolk village 2006


Pictures of the presentation of the EDP pride of Norfolk village, 2006.
Belton came first in it's category.
All pictures taken by Kenny Lindsay of the Belton & District Historical Soceity.

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The Platfords of Belton


The Platfords of Belton.
Pictures supplied by Kenny Lindsay

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Gt Yarmouth potteries 20th July,2007


Belton & District Historical Society's club outing to great Yarmouth Potteries,. Avery informative evening was spent with Ernie Childs and his wife learning all about the local history of the potteries. A fish & chip supper was provided, with a generous supply of liquid refreshments available.A lot of paintings are done by Mr Childs from memory these are then transfered to pots fofr sale above in the shop.
The picture on the left shows Mr E. Childs welcoming the Belton & District Historical Society to the Potteries.
All pictures were taken by Kenny Lindsay.

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Belton & District Historical Society's bygone day 2007


Belton & District Historical Society's second annual bygones day at Ivy Farm & the village hall Burgh Castle on the 26th August, 2007.
Ivy farm courtesy of Trevor Austin, & the village hall courtesy of the people of Burgh Castle.
Photographs taken by Kim Saul & Kenny Lindsay

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Photograph & mardle day at the J.G. Institute 21/10/07


Visitors and members enjoying a look at the old photographs and maps at the JGI on the BDHS's 1st photograph and mardle day held at the Institute.
Pictures taken by Kim Saul & Kenny Lindsay.

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Winston Harringtons visit to the "Belle of the East" site


Winston Harrington visites the site where his fathers plane crashed in 1944.
All photograpghs were taken by Kenny Lindsay.

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Belton & District Christmas party 2007


Belton & District Historical Society's Christmas party 12th December,2007 at The Priory Restaurant St.Olaves.
Courtesy of Kim Saul & Kenny Lindsay.

13 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2007

Winston Harrington visit


Winston Harrington paid Belton a visit in February 2008 to see where his father's plane crashd in 1944. This photograph was taken standing outside the Tavern where there is a plaque to commerate the event of dedication to the aircraft and crew.
All photographs taken by Kenny lindsay.

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Cheque presentation at the James Paget University Hospital


The chairman of the Belton & District Historical society presenting a checque to the JPU Hospital's palliative care team in recognition of the care taken to Mr Bryan Cubitt during his treatment.
Photograph taken by Mr K. Lindsay

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Photograph & mardle day 2008


Photograph & mardle day 2008. This is our 2nd time at the JGI. There was a good turnout of visitors with a lot of collectibles items and wartime memorabilia on display.
Photographs taken by Kim Saul & Kenny Lindsay

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