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Memories of Belton School 1940-1946

Return to Menu page From the memories of David Tennant I was born on August 28th 1935 so it was likely that I started school in September 1940. My memories of this event are non existent. My mother may have accompanied me on my first day or I may have been “delivered” by my older sister. Before this date I cannot recall any knowledge of Belton much beyond Sandy   Lane where I lived. I expect that in the previous five years I had ventured beyond there with my parents but the journey to the school and its surrounding area […]

Belton School Strike 1959

Belton School Strike 1959

Return to Menu page Villagers boycott New School at Lound. Schoolchildren from Belton and Somerleyton went on strike in November 1959. Sixty – two 11 plus children boycotted the new modern school at Lound on Monday 24th November on the instructions of their parents, who are protesting to the Education Authorities about transport arrangements to the School. The New School opened on Monday for the first time with only 48 (Forty-eight) pupils and on Tuesday the parents’ “stand” had strengthened – only 40(Forty) children from the two villages reported to Lound. The Education Authorities’ ruling is that; 1)  – Children […]

Burgh Castle 10 yards swimming cerificate 1967

Where are you know ??

  Return to Menu page Back row from left – right Martyn Rudrum, Colin Etheridge, Lorriane Houghton, Melvin Searby.Terry Maunders. Tina Bush, Roy Maunders, Simon Wright and Scott Bradfield. Kneeling : Fron Left – Right Bob Bradfield, Mandy Marsden, David Symonds, Jill Charlton and Roy Channel We are looking to find where the Burgh castle puples are now. If you have any information about yourselves we would like to hear about it.

Waveney School presentation 2011

The learners of the year for 2012.

Return to Menu page Moorlands “Learners of the Year”   As part of a series of grants made to local groups the Belton and District Historical Society included the Moorland’s School in their beneficiaries this year and after contacting the head teacher Mrs Denise Jackson   it was agreed that a shield and certificate would be presented to “The Learner of The Year” in each class. The recipients  who recently received their awards for the  last academic year are shown in the accompanying pictures. Main photo :-Back row (L to R) Billy Bennington- class 1/2 NR, Eleanor Rose 5/6 MG, Megan […]

A Childs life in Belton

Return to Menu page A CHILDS LIFE IN BELTON   Well where do I start, having moved to Belton in 1971 – the village at that time wasn’t that big it still had the remnants of the railway line and station, only 3 shops Carvers, Berry’s and Greenacres Butchers, two pubs The Kings Head and The Railway Tavern, Post Office on Station Road South and the newspapers were delivered from Kemp’s garage on St. Johns Rd. the doctor visited fortnightly  from Gorleston and held surgery in the Institute in what is now the kitchen area.   The village then was […]

Memories of Belton School 1967

Memories of Belton School 1967

Return to Menu page Teachers: Mrs Cooke:                   A lovely teacher who rewarded good behaviour and enjoyed teaching. Miss Meadows :           Who married and became Mrs Hill – This was a stepping stone to a future career Miss Storey:                 Also married and used Belton VCP as a stepping stone to a future career Mrs Frost:                   A well meaning, well built opera singer, she had strict but old standards,   always had a frown on her face, but still a  good teacher.     The Caretaker Mr Coleman: Who lived next to the school, to the right hand side. He used to stoke […]