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Local Norfolk Dialect and pronunciation

Norwich pronounced (Naaaaaaaridge) in the Southeast was invented in 1923 and is kept in Norfolk, where it has lived for 73 years.

Norwich has a population of 2500 of which 2438 are related to each other and the rest are classed as furriners or have decided to settle in Norwich from beyond the great Horizon.

Many people still believe that if you travel past Thetford (The Great Horizon) you will fall off the edge of the world and be devoured by Delia the Great Star Goat.

Here are some useful Norwich phrases and words to help you along

  • Naarigde Yoonyun – Major Norfolk and Sri – Lankan employer
  • Thang Kyer – Spoken at high speed, used by Norfolk shop assistants when accepting money          
  • How’re getting arn buh? – Norfolk Greeting
  • Rup Bah – Variation of above
  • Hair – Here
  • Shicagoo’s – Nightspot on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich
  • Bare – Sold by the pint in Shicagoo’s
  • Is that roight? – Comment to show that attention is being paid to the speaker.
  • Ass a Jook – i’m just kidding
  • Khazi – Suburb on the western edge of Narridge
  • Tross – Suburb on the Southside of Narridge
  • Windham –  Small town south of Narridge (Sensible abbreviation of its proper name: Wymundimunidundim)
  • Loose-tarfed – East coast fishing port
  • Card – Traditionally eaten with chips, might have been caught off Loose-tarfed.
  • KooDee – Discount shop at the top of St.Stephens, Norwich
  • Hum Base – DIY Store
  • Fooze – Electrical component on sale in Hum Base
  • Fool – Petrol or Diesel.
  • Drive yur steady bor – Please drive with more care.
  • Gu tehec buh – my, how Surprising
  • Stoop ud – Term applied to very silly people
  • Gatoo – Sticky chocolate cake
  • Foo too or Foto – Get these developed at Boots the Chemist.
  • Sproight – fizzy lemon drink
  • Boost – to brag about ones achievements.
  • Jargon – Like running but at a more leisurely pace.
  • Ar ya orrite bor – Good Morning.
  • Ar ya orrite bor – Good afternoon
  • Ar ya orrite bor – Good Evening
  • Hay ya gittin on tagether? – Hello
  • Yow siller arn fule – Comment made to someone displaying “backward” tendencies.
  • How fer ar ya doin’ bor? – How are you
  • Loight arse – Lighthouse.
  • Haysbra (Happisburgh) – Coastal village with a lighthouse
  • Hunstan (Hunstanton) – Coastal village
  • Furriners – People who come from outside Norfolk.
  • Thas a rumman – Not quite to scratch.
  • Blast Bor, Yow git a ding – a tha- lug – I’m going to hit you.
  • Fare t’ middlin – I’m doing quite well.
  • Bishy Barny Bee – A Ladybird.
  • Thas a bit on the huh – That’s a bit wonky/uneven
  • Traa’er – A farm vehicle.
  • Dicka – Horse.
  • Ha’yer farver got a dicka bor? – Does your father own a horse?
  • Combine Airvista – An agricultural vehicle.
  • Carra rud – a place where narj people go to watch their team lose.
  • Ur day – To day
  • Wot yer up to urday – What are you doing today.
  • Ouver hair/Ouver ere – I’m over here.
  • I/yoo/ee/shee gooo – I/You/He/She went to/goes to
  • Ci’ee – As in Naaarch ci’ee a place for shopping.
  • Noo idare – No Idea/ don’t Know.
  • Gunna – going to.
  • Lully ole jarb (Lovely old job) – Excellent
  • Don fergit abaht – Don’t forget
  • Dodeman – Snail
  • Do you have any more Norfolk sayings.


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