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Welcome Home Fund

At a public meeting held at the Belton institute, on the 10th May 1945, it was decided that a welcome home fund for the services should be raised to provide a playing field for the use of the two villages of Belton & Browston. A committee was elected, and the first meeting was held on the following evening.
There then followed various fund-raising events. Draw, house to house collections, fetes, bring and buy stalls, Phat drive. Whist drives, Dances, Church collections and a social old year’s night etc.
In December 1945, the committee began investigations to find land for the playing field, having managed to raise £450 to date. In early 1946, Mr. B Guyton offered to sell land to the committee for £500. After further discussion the land was purchased at the reduced price of £460, to be taken over by the committee on 31st December 1946.
A trust deed was drawn up in conveyance of the new property on the 28th May. 1947, between Mr. Guyton and the committee of Belton Services Welcome Home fund and Belton Parish Council, whereas the property was purchased for£460 and the committee requested that the Parish Council acted as trustees.
It says in the deed that the land should be used as a playing field for the benefit of the of the inhabitants of Belton & Browston, if the committee desired to sell the land or use it for any other purpose other than a playing field, it must be submitted in writing to the next two annual Parish meetings and approved by a majority show of hands of those present. In the event of such sale, the proceeds shall be used to pay outstanding accounts and the balance and any other money may be applied by the committee for such purposes as it determines having regard to the need of the parish of Belton, at the time – if at any time the committee cease to exist, the Parish Council shall have full power to manage the land in accordance with Recreation Grounds Act 1859.
A hut was purchased in December 1946 for the sum of £120. Leaving a balance of £71in the account at the end of 1946, after the purchase of the land, the committee continued to look after and manage the field. A certificate of exemption was acquired.
In 1948 it was suggested by the clerk to the County Council that the fund be closed and any balance handed over to the trustees, namely the Parish Council. It was eventually made clear that there was no reason why the fund could not continue under its present title for the purpose of Managing and maintaining the playing field.
In September 1968, 1.93 acres of the playing field was sold off, after the correct procedure had been undertaken, for the sum of £3680 for the land for the Waveney School. The balance of the playing field remained in the ownership of the Parish. This money was deposited in the East Anglian Trustee Savings Bank by the Parish Council. In 1972 the balance from the committee’s fund was handed over to Belton Parish Council and deposited in the same account.

Conclusion – As the years have passed the proceeds from the land together with the balance left in the fund has grown to the sum of £27,138.93 now placed in a Treasurer’s deposit account at Barclays Bank for the fixed term of 1 year.
It is clear from the minutes and the trust deed, that the money should be used for the needs of the people of Belton & Browston

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