Belton Church, Churchyard and rectory

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Mrs Gemma Wassell inside the porch {the driving force behind the open day} a very happy and pleased looking lady with the success of the day.


Looking down the aisle towards the Church Organ


The Sharman stained glass window in Belton church showing the loss of an airman.


The grave stone of Francis Morse in the aisle of Belton Church. (now covered by a carpet).


The front of Belton Church fron the gateway off Church Lane.


Belton church tower showing the repair after a lightning strike in 2006


Looking from the Altar towards the old Organ. Sadly now no longer there


A picture taken behind the church showing how the structure is in good condition after a thousand years


A view taken from the North side of Belton Church,


A view showing the new roof and entrance porch with the Naive in the foreground.


IMGA1991 IMGA1993 IMGA1994 IMGA1995 IMGA1996 IMGA1997 IMGA1998 IMGA1999 IMGA2000 IMGA2001 IMGA2002 IMGA2003 IMGA2004 IMGA2005 IMGA2007 IMGA2008 IMGA2009 IMGA2010 IMGA2011 IMGA2012 IMGA2013 IMGA2014 IMGA2015 IMGA2016 IMGA2017 IMGA2019 IMGA2020 IMGA2021 IMGA2022 IMGA2023 IMGA2025 IMGA2026 IMGA2027 IMGA2028The picture below shows the Rectory in Belton in the early years of the 20th Century.

Belton rectory in the early years of the 20th Century.

Belton rectory in the early years of the 20th Century.

If anybody has any more old photographs we would love to see them. Please e-mail to the following address: or take then to the next event at the John Green Institute were I will be only happy to scan them and return them to you.

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