Belton Scouts and School photographs from 1920’s – 1970’s

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Belton Scout Troop 1974

Belton Scout Troop 1974

Many thanks to  the villager who sent this photographs in of the Belton Scout troop from 1974, if anybody has any further photographs of either the Scouts or Girl guides from any era we yould love to see them so they can be preserved along with any other photographs of the old school.

It is always a pleasure to receive old photographs of the area. You can either e.mail them to . or take them to any of the events at the John Green Institute.

Thank you.

Belton school 1955 - 1957

Belton school 1955 – 1957. Can you recognise yourself, if so please contact us with any stories about the year.

Belton school 1957

Belton school 1957. Can you recognise yourself or the Teacher.

Belton school 1962

Belton school 1962. Navitivity play?

Belton school 1967

Belton school 1967. Can you name these pupils

Burgh Castle school

Burgh Castle school. Can anybody name the year, or tell us who these pupils are?


Burgh Castle school. Can anybody name the year, or tell us who the pupils are and the teacher is?


Belton School Possibly 1915


Belton infants class 1935


Belton School 1921


Burgh Castle 1909 – Arkiley Group – class III


Belton School 1930 – Class III

Belton School 1933 – Class II

File 0120

Possibly Belton School late 1940s or Early 1950s ?

File 0121

Belton School – possibly early 1950s, ? The head teacher is Mr T.Stone


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